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JumbukAG provides a range of consulting services to agriculture centered on the Australian fodder and grain industries. Common to both grain and hay industries are the weekly monitoring of prices and market trends in all states of Australia.

As the Australian fodder industry is characterized by highly volatile production and prices and poor access to market data (relative to grain), JumbukAG has a focus on hay production and markets. Further detailed analysis of Australian fodder includes the price and volume of Australian and international trade flows and Australian supply and demand analysis.


Grain & Hay
Price Data

Available data sets of historical prices for grains, oilseeds, pulses and hay delivered to the capital city and regional markets of Australia date back to 1984. Historical data sets for FIS port (track) prices and on-going monitoring are also available.

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Export Hay

Regular high-level management reports are tailored to the Australian export hay sector covering analysis of Australian and international market trends.

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Fodder Supply &
Demand Forecasting

Regular reports based on statistical and on-ground sources update clients on the historical and forecast production of pasture, cereal (oaten), lucerne hay and silage as well as demand and carry-over stocks.

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International Trade

The volume and price of hay traded around the world has been gleaned from official Australian and international sources.

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